Despite 23.9% contraction, foreign investors poured $6 billion

Despite 23.9% contraction, foreign investors poured $6 billion

India’s economy has seen a drastic contraction due to the pandemic. But the contraction in the economy is unable to stop the foreign investors from investing the money in nations stock and betting on the market recovery. Maintaining their expectations on the economic recovery of the Aisa’s third largest economy, the international buyers have instilled a net amount of $6 billion on the shares in the month of August 2020.


Even after the struggling performance of the Indian economy during the lockdown period, which resulted in the record contraction of 23.9% in the GDP of the nation during the June quarter, the data still didn’t have any adverse effect on the number of foreign investors. Considering the factors like good rainfall, improving auto sector and the RBI’s easing monetary policies the investors are expecting the Sensex to touch the mark of 41,500 by the end of this year.

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