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COVID-19 threat is real despite warning level lowered


Dr. Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, last night cautioned the citizens of Northern Ireland that though the warning levels are lowered, the threat of COVID-19 is real.

The CMO stressed that the risk is still high as the virus had not gone away from the Nation.

The Prime Minister has implied that their restrictions will be relaxed as the UK’s coronavirus alert level has gone down from 4 to 3.

On Friday, the new figures about the rate of spread of the disease were published, according to which the infection rate is shrinking.

The government of the UK has defined the COVID -19 alert on the basis of level, ranging from 1 to 5.

  • Level 1– No COVID cases are known in the UK
  • Level 2– The number of cases and transmission is low.
  • Level 3– Pandemic is in general circulation.
  • Level 4– Pandemic is in general circulation; the transmission is high or rising.
  • Level 5– The risk of the material of health care services is stressed-out.

The growth rate figure released by SAGE on Friday reflects that the number of infectious cases is changing every day.

The Prime Minister has said that his plans about the social distancing can be reduced or not will be soon disclosed to the public.

Till date, the number of COVID-19 tested people is 69553, and 4,866 have been tested positive, and the death rate has been raised up to 1,716.

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