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Juneteenth : History, Significance, Major announcements amid COVID-19


Juneteenth means  the day of celebration of emancipation of the slaves of US who got freedom. It is the national holiday celebrated over the years.

History behind Juneteenth

Juneteenth is the oldest celebrated remembrance of the ending of slavery in the United States. Back on 19 June 1856, that the soldiers led by Major General Gordon Granger, arrived at Galveston, Texas with the news that the war has ended, with the end of slavery. The end of the war came with the news that the enslaved are now free. The news of ending slavery came after around two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln.

The news of the end of slavery was welcomed with the shock. The people had to start learning new ways of living and a new relationship was to be developed between the employers and employees.

The major challenge was to establish the status of black people.


The meaning of Juneteenth is the day of the emancipation of the slave people of the US. The day even after 155 years is still celebrated as the national holiday. It is one of the most celebrated days. The reason behind this is that on this day the black people became free from the curse of slavery. The new paths we’re opened for the African Americans. They were going to get equal status and were free from being a slave to anyone.

It is celebrated as the day of freedom by the African Americans. Today Juneteenth is celebrated as the day of achievement. It encouraged the self-respect and culture of African Americans. Today many organizations have begun sponsoring the Juneteenth centered activities.

Major announcements

Though the world is going through tough times fighting with the deadly virus COVID-19, still the of Juneteenth is welcomed with many new announcements by various companies. This is done to protect the rights of black and also to support them.

  • Companies like Twitter, Square, Nike, and the National Football League on the occasion of  Juneteenth 2020 has declared the day as a holiday.
  • Google on the day of Juneteenth has advised its employees to cancel all the meetings.
  • Facebook on the day of Juneteenth has facilitated its employees to mark it as a learning day.
  • Amazon on the day of Juneteenth has offered employees the opportunities to learn online throughout the day and had said to cancel the meeting of the day.
  • President Trump has also canceled the rally which was about to start from the day of Juneteenth.
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