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Covid-19; Record 24,850 cases registered


India witnesses record new cases of Covid-19 with the tally of 24,850 within 24 hours. It’s been three consecutive days when per day new identified number is above 20,000. As of now India’s tally of Covid-19 has reached to 6,73,165 and the fatality mark has reached 19,268 including 613 new fatalities in 24 hour.

Tough nations recovery rate is quiet impressive with 60.76% having 4,09,082 patients fully recovered including the 14,856 recoveries during the past 24 hours. If we talk about the active cases the number stands at 2,44,841. And the gap between the active patients and the recovered patients is 1,64,268.

The good news is that per day testing capacity has reached to 2.48 lakh taking the cumulative test tally to about 98 lakh. In a recent statement government official stated that, “The efforts to expand the testing labs network in the country have led to their numbers increasing very day. There are as many as 1087 labs in the country, including 780 labs in the government sector and 307 private labs“.

Meanwhile, ICMR is striving to fast track the clinical trials for the coronavirus vaccineCovaxin” so that it could be launched for the general public by 15th August. The medical research body has also given assurance that all the trials will be strictly following the globally accepted norms. In the process 12 sites have been identified including hospitals and the medical institutions.

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