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Carlyle Group to hold 25% in Bharti Airtel


Bharti Airtel made the announcement that Carlyle Group is to attain 25% in Airtel’s Data Centre business. The company announced that Carlyle Group will be accumulating 25% in the Nxtra Data of 1.2 billion USD.

On Wednesday, Carlyle Group said that they will be investing $235 million in the company for around 25% stake.

In BSE filing, the company told that the company’s post-money valuation of Nxtra is around $1.2 billion. It is said that the transaction is accountable to some important approval from, Competition Commission of India.

Airtel said, as quoted, “India is witnessing a considerable surge in demand for secure data centers as businesses undertake digital transformation and consumer demand for digital services continues to increase. The expansion of hyperscalers across the region following the government’s directive on data localization is propelling a lot of this demand, with other market drivers including the growth in user data and an increase in cloud penetration.”

Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Jio, a rival of Airtel has a tie-up with Microsoft. This allows the company to build up data centers hosted by the Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

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