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#bycottNetflix trending on Twitter

Bollywood actress Anushka sharma is again facing the heat of the Indian audience along with the Netflix, because of her links with the controversial content.

This time #bycottNetflix has begun with the controversy in the web series “Krishna & His Leela“. The web series has been targeted all over as it has shown lord Krishna having sexual affairs with many women & one of them is named Radha.

The audience have been blaming the series for showing the things against Hinduism. Many fans have tweeted against the Netflix.

It seems like this time Netflix and Anushka sharma are about to get a life lesson for being involved in hurting the religious sentiments of the countrymen, as till now one legal notice has been produced against the Netflix and the Bulbul. As according to the audience the star has used abusive language against lord Krishna.

It seems like Netflix now has fallen into the pits of the deities of Hinduism, as the featuring of the scene of web series has hurt the religious sentiment of many viewers.

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