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Katy Perry reveals about her mental health


The US singer, Katy Perry has revealed that she suffered a major breakdown when the record flopped and she temporarily had a split with Orlando, the Brit actor.

The 35 years actor, in an interview, recalled the memories as to how she hit the bottom of the rock and how she pulled herself and jumped back.

The actor told that it was the first time that she had suffered a setback and now she is expecting a baby from the Brit actor, Orlando.

She further explained that her carry has been hurling across with ups and downs and there was the time when she and Orlando parted her ways. She was excited about the record which later did not met her expectations. This made her half-broken from inside.

She added more by saying that, her faith had helped her a lot in recovering.

The star said that it feels great to be in a good place after fighting with the mental health issues for her whole life.

The Star informed radio station SiriusXM CBC, as quoted, “Hope has always been an option for me, because of my relationship with God and something that is bigger than me.

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