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Ace tennis player gives a shout out to Indian Brands


Sania Mirza, the Tennis sensation has come forward to promote the local brands. She has spoken about promoting Indian brands in her proposal to help the country, becoming self-dependent, amidst the COVID-19 which has taken a large compensation on the world’s economy

The tennis player has a step forward to assist local Indian brands.  The star player declared an initiative called ” #SupportSmallBySania “. In which she will be picking up her 20 favorite brands and will  give them a shoutout.

On Monday, Sania said, ” Life as we knew it has changed forever. The only way to overcome this to stand together and help revive our people and our country from the virus’s aftermath“.

Adding further about her initiative, the 33-year-old said that,

#SupportSmallBySania is her attempt to motivate Indian brands. Be it, craftsmen, restaurants, designers, anything and everything that is created by Indians. She added that this is the only way we can support each other and come together to fight against the dreadful virus.

Prime Minister of India has also urged the people to become self-reliant and later entertaining foreign capital as well as strengthening the supply chain. According to PM Narendra Modi, it is time for India to become self-reliant and should buy and promote the Indian goods in every way

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