Foxconn launces ‘MIH Open platform’ for electric car makers

Foxconn launces ‘MIH Open platform’ for electric car makers


In an effort to diversify its business the Taiwanese company Foxconn, has launched its platform to develop an electric car for the automobile companies. The giant, which is best known to be a leading consumer electronics product assembler, is eying into the market, which could be worth over $800 billion by 2027.

An Executive at Foxconn, William Wei said, “The Company’s aim is to become the Android of electric vehicles, in a reference to Google’s mobile operating system. We believe that to be our mission”. Following the direction the company introduced to an open platform named ‘MIH Open platform’. This platform is similar to the concept of android that means, it is ready to use and at the same time it is customizable as per need. It is essentially a set of tools to design large parts which would later be manufactured by the company. Foxconn has termed this platform “modular”, it indicates that  the components could be replaced or upgraded with the time.

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