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Electronics maker company shutdowns it’s AR program


Bose Crop, a high-end electronic company to discontinue its Augmented reality program, 18 months after the company had launched glasses which provided interactive service delivery by making use of audio.

The Frames designed by the company were launched in December 2018 and we’re regarded as the world’s ” first audio augmented reality platform.”

 It is said that the glasses took micro acoustics and voice to an entirely new and different level. This is considered to be Bose’s most lightweight system.

If you are the one who is not aware of this product, so do the others had, until they bought it.

Today a Bose spokesperson, told Protocol, that the AR product came, what they had anticipated and it wasn’t for the first the company did not commercialize as was planned.

It is said those who bought the Frames, the AR apps of the company stopped working in 30 days.

The decision of ending AR comes as a result of the financial crisis that the company is facing. The company had already announced it’s closing in January itself.  If we consider the market, different companies had been trying to put effort and Bose is not the only company, that had abandoned its efforts. Osterhout Design Group and Daqri also shut down in 2019. Even Magic Leap, once the poster company for the potential for AR has also given up after the failure in the consumer market.

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