Donald Trump suggests delay in Presidential election 2020

Donald Trump suggests delay in Presidential election 2020


Donald trump suggested delay in presidential elections 2020 which are supposed to be held on the month of November this year. The US president tweeted to put forward his consent stating that it could be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election due to the mail-in voting.

His tweet came after the reports stating the poor economic health of the country were issued by the Commerce department revealing the record shrinkage of 32.9% in the second quarter and figures showing the increasing number of Americans opting for the unemployment benefits by the Labour department.

Now it would be interesting to see that weather his consent is accepted or not as it cannot be rescheduled without an act of Congress. And for him it will be a challenge to get it passed by the Democratic controlled House. Meanwhile Donald Trump is trailing to his Democratic counterpart Joe Biden by 8% in Real clear politics average of polls.

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