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World Population Day: It’s time to think!


World Population Day came into being on 11 July 1989. The main reason behind introducing this day was to create awareness among the people about the unprecedented rise in the world population. In 1987 when the population touched the 5 billion the need for it was felt.

So, on this World Population Day let’s have a look on the 7 Phases of the world. The Phases that tells the story of mankind with the increase of its population.

  • Phase 1; The time when we the Homo sapiens came to the world. We came into being 2 lakh years back in Africa, and around 5500 years back, human beings started to increase the population. It was the time when we started our habitat.
  • Phase 2; During the 17th and 18th Centuries, we moved towards industrialisation. This can be seen as a time that contributed to giving us the desire to live a better life and ways to fulfil the needs of our population. That led to the killing of animals and cutting of trees.
  • Phase 3; Just fighting for the luxurious life was not the end. The advancement of time and knowledge led to the development of Antibiotics, which came back in 1928. The thing that helped us to increase our lifespan and to help us fight diseases.
  • Phase 4; This phase led to the medicines that help in the reduction of birth rate. Birth control pills a way, which helped in family planning. There was a time when each woman gave birth to a minimum of 5 children, this was reduced to 2.1%.
  • Phase 5; The development of vaccines for small children. Before the discovery of vaccines, the infant mortality rate was high. 650 of 1000, children used to die, but now this has reduced to 29 %.
  • Phase 6; The nutritious diet has also contributed to the reduction of a death rate. During the 1990s the death rate of mothers just after giving birth to infants was high. But due to medicines and the intake of nutritious food, the rate has decreased a lot. Each year 3.1% reduction is seen in the death rate of mothers while giving birth.
  • Phase 7; Education is something that has contributed a lot to the control of the population. The girls today are getting educated and have the knowledge, this helps them in taking care of their as well as the child’s health.

All the seven phases discussed above briefly shows the growth of mankind from the very starting to the today’s digital era.

If we talk about the consequences of the increase in population, it has adversely affected the nature. In order to satisfy the needs and the greed of the mankind our earth has suffered a lot and is continued till now. As it is said, Every Action Has Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Today, on this World Population Day, we are fighting with COVID-19. The virus that has swept away the life of many people. This can be seen as the reaction of nature towards us. Nature in its own way is reducing the population of the earth. It is well said, nature has its own way to manage the population. When we humans forget about it, nature alarms us about the need to take serious action to save it. Few Hundred years ago then Black Death swept away the population around the world, and this time it is the Coronavirus, the way of nature to reduce the population of the world.

So It’s time to think! that our Earth has a limit to serve the population and ones the limit is crossed chaos will be all around and time to time nature will use its own ways to reduce the population.

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