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Encounter: Helpful or not for the society


Encounter, the word used by the officials, or the way used by the officials to eliminate the crime from the society. Basically, the term in the police department mean, a sudden violent action.  The term started to be used by the Indians during the late 20th century. This is the extra power given to the police forces, that allows the killing of the person in self-defence. The officials can make use of it when they counter to deal with a criminal or terrorist.

What is the need for the encounter?

India is the largest democracy in the world and the third-largest county in terms of Purchasing power parity economy.  The development of the country in terms of social and political terms has also given rise to crime. The crime rate in the country is increasing at a rapid rate. These crimes include the increase in the number of rape cases, murders for personal benefit, and many more.  In order to reduce the crime and when dealing with such dangerous criminals, the life of officials becomes prone to danger. These criminals can harm the officials, so in order to save the life of the officials, the power of encounter has been given to the officials to save their life, in case the situation becomes out of control.

You must be thinking, does this shows the helplessness of the system?

To reduce the crime rates in the country and make the citizens feel safe in their country, there is definitely a need to come up with a solution. The police force, or officials who are working for the citizens of the country, also need security when dealing with dangerous criminals. They do need the power to take quick action, in case they feel that their life is in danger. So encounter does give them this power and allows them to be safe. This can be considered as the way out to make the citizens of the country feel safe.

Does it have any positive side?

Does Encounter help society?

As we know everything comes with pros and cons. Each and every law or right does affect the society in the positive as well as negative way.

Encounter helps in getting justice, in those cases where a horrendous crime has been committed by the criminal. This doesn’t allow the criminals to roam free around and create more cases. The cases like rape, where even after knowing the crime of the criminal, the victim has to wait for long to get justice.

The famous Nirbhaya case where the rapist, showed no mercy and left the girl to die in extreme pain, didn’t get the punishment for years. The victim’s family waited for a long time to get the criminals hanged up. On the contrary, the case of Priyanka Reddy, the 26-year-old victim who was raped and brutally murdered, got the justice instantly. The encounter of the criminal closed the case instantly, thus giving a firm message to the criminal elements of the society about the possible consequences. This is the positive side of the encounter. The power that allows the police to give justice in self-defence.

This doesn’t mean that every encounter is justified by itself. The recent case of Vikas Dubey who was shot dead has created some sort of doubt in the minds of the public. As per reports, the gangster was associated with many powerful people and they could have feared that he may disclose their identity, hence a section of people is also wondering that this might have led to the encounter of the gangster.

Thus we can say that the encounter does help in protecting the citizens but at times this can even lead to the death of the suspects i.e those who are not proved criminals or those who knows secrets of other powerful criminal links. Hence there is a bit of scope that special powers can even be misused for personal benefits.

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