World chocolate day: History, Health benefits and Facts

World chocolate day: History, Health benefits and Facts


When mood goes down, there is only one thing that can revive it back, Chocolates. The one who is the partner of not only young ones but also belongs to adults and old age people. The love of everyone residing around. The taste of which makes us feel out of the world. Chocolates are the one which helps us in maintaining our mood swings. Something that is rich in magnesium and antioxidants. The only partner that can also help us reduce our Cholesterol.

So here is the World Chocolate Day!

7th July is Celebrated as World Chocolate Day, which is also known as International Chocolate Day.


The World Chocolate Day is celebrated in remembrance of introduction to chocolate in Europe in the year 1550.

Before this day, the chocolate was available in limited areas like America and Mexico. This was discovered by foreign invaders and later reached other parts of the world. The specialty of it is that it was loved by the people all over.

It is said that in 1519, a Spanish adventurer served a drink ‘Xocolātl’ by Aztec emperor Montezuma. It was a chocolate-based drink that Hernán Cortés served. Slowly with time, the drink started gaining popularity all over the world and later many chocolate-based dishes were also discovered all around.

Benefits of consuming Chocolates

Chocolate is considered to increase the fat of the body, as it contains high sugar. But if it is consumed in a limited amount it can always benefit us. It is beneficial for health and can help in the functioning of the brain.

Dark chocolates are always considered to be important in improving our health. It is a natural mood enhancer and helps in maintaining the mood swings. They consist of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, that can help in improving immunity, heart health, the functioning of the brain and boosts the memory.

Facts to know about it

  • The world chocolate day is also celebrated on other days by naming it as
    • 22nd  September- White Chocolate Day
    • 28th July- Milk Chocolate Day
    • 16th December- Chocolate Covered Anything Day, etc
  • Coca bean basically originated in Amazon.
How to celebrate the day?

World Chocolate Day can be celebrated in numerous ways.

  • You can always celebrate it by giving and sharing chocolates with your day and enjoy the taste of the delicious yummy thing.
  • You can try to make desserts for your friends and family with the chocolate base. The new way and new recipe as your contribution to the lovely thing on this chocolate day.

So, this Chocolate Day, leave behind all your so-called worries and misconceptions about the Chocolate and start cherishing your love for the tastiest thing in the world. The thing that will always help you in maintaining health, if consumed in proportion.

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