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Significance of ‘numbers’ in Astrology


Astrology means the eye of God. Just like we call God Trikaldarshi, i.e he is able to see all the three times; past, present and future. Similarly, astrology has also been called the Eye of God. Astrology is also the practice of looking at all three periods. But today people disregard this scripture by considering astrology as a means of earning superstition, name and money. Due to misuse of this scripture, the general public has lost faith in this scripture.

Our sages have written astrology in ancient times by studying the planets and other celestial objects of the solar system. Which planet completes the rotation of the sun in how many days? Sages have written all in these scriptures before ages. Even on which day the sunrise and sunset will be at what time have been calculated by our sages. Today we will be discussing briefly about one of the most important aspect in astrological studies i.e Numbers.

Numbers have their own importance in astrology. In astrology, the number of planets is stated to be 7, and 2 other (Rahu and Ketu) are considered as shadow planets, they do not have the status of complete planets. Presently, science has also revised the number of planets in our solar system which was earlier conceived as 9; they had withdrawn the status of planets from them, stating them as the Dwarf planets.

Through astrology we can also analyse one’s characteristics based on numbers. As per Numerology every person is definitely affected by numbers. To analyse the time period, the date of birth of a person can be considered. On the basis of the birth, one can be analysed as date of birth is also in the form of digits (numbers). From the date of birth we can analyse that the person is affected by which number, just as the horoscope. Horoscope is made on the basis of the principles of Vedic astrology; the numbers used in Horoscope is also used in Numerology. Whenever we see someone’s Horoscope, there are 12 columns in it. These 12 columns shows the near about journey of a person from birth to death. So let us now discuss the significance of numbers in simple words considering the 12 columns used in a Horoscope.

  • Column number 1 signifies the build of an individual’s body.
  • Column number 2 signifies the family related information’s.
  • Column number 3 signifies the sibling experience of an individual.
  • Column number 4 signifies the love of family, the service of parents, their happiness.
  • Column number 5 signifies the educational status, intellect development of an individual.
  • Column number 6 signifies the possible difficulty across the society, enemies or the health related issues.
  • Column number 7 signifies the personal life and the professional life.
  • Column number 8 signifies the family related tough times in an individual’s life.
  • Column number 9 signifies about the inclination of an individual towards spiritual path.
  • Column number 10 signifies the honour, status and prestige in the society.
  • Column number 11 signifies the material wealth status of an individual.
  • Column number 12 signifies the possible reason for an individual’s death.

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