Relationship between numbers and the planets in Astrology

Relationship between numbers and the planets in Astrology

Continuing the importance of numbers in astrology, let us now briefly discuss the astrological aspect of the relationship between numbers and the planets.

Our life runs through 3 means – body, mind, and soul. It is impossible for an individual to be born without any of them. Similarly, in astrology, planets are also divided into these 3 categories.

  1. Planets affecting the physical body i.e Venus (Shukra) and Saturn (Shani).
  2. Planets affecting the mind i.e Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal) and Mercury (Budh).
  3. Planets affecting the soul i.e Sun (Surya) and Jupiter (Brihaspati).
Relation between numbers and the planets

Let us now discuss some features related to numbers and the planets in astrology.

  • Number 1 represents the Sun (Surya) : Sun is called the deity of Kalyuga. Therefore, the effect of the Sun on our soul is the highest. As the Sun is considered the factor of our soul, this digit signifies our willpower.
  • Number 2 is related to the Moon (Chandra) : The moon is said to be related to our mind. Our mind develops only through our will power. Just as the arts of the moon changes every day, in the same way our mind also changes like the moon. It is never the same.
  • Numeral 3 represents the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) : Our state of mind develops our intelligence, then only knowledge and thinking expands. The Guru is the storehouse of all the knowledge. Just as in the solar system, the planet Jupiter is the largest planet, it has been said that there is no one greater than Guru.
  • Number 4 represents the Rahu : Being influenced by the Sun, number 4, brings dignity to the human mind. Because the sun itself is a sphere of fire, it brings thoughts of anger and jealousy in the mind of man. The Sun is also called the King of the planets; hence number 4 also signifies leadership.
  • Number 5 represents Mercury (Budh) : It has a profound effect on our brainpower. It indicates our behavior towards friends, our speaking style, intelligence, memory, and future plans. Along with this it also represents success in ones education field.

  • Number 6 is represented by the Venus (Shukra) : Venus is considered to be a factor of enjoyment or luxury and a factor of material pleasures. Sports, business, dedication to work, mindset towards work is all known from point 6. Just as Venus planet has more magnetic power, similarly it creates attraction in people. It basically represents the feminine nature of an individual.
  • Number 7 represents the Ketu : This number is said to be very mysterious, it is influenced by Ketu and Varuna. Water represents Varun i.e. 7 is like the nature of water. Molding yourself in every situation, imagination, and spiritual life are all indicated by the Ketu.
  • Number 8 is represented by the Saturn (Shani) : Shani indicates our resolve to complete our work. It belongs to our will and determination. Shani has been called the god of justice and punishment, thus it represents justice and punishment of any action and reward. It indicates person’s weakness, strength, his enemies, illnesses and possible accidental events.
  • Number 9 is represented by Mars (Mangal) : It represents independent thoughts, facing the struggles of life, energy, desire and the competition spirit within. It basically represents the masculine nature of an individual

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