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Twitch to ban users accused of sexual abuse


The gaming site Twitch has informed that it has started banning its users. The streaming line in an online statement has said that they have prioritized dealing with sexual abuse cases, that are turning severe.

It further added that they are trying to assess the cases and will ban the users who will be found involved in the cases of sexual harassment.

On Tuesday, many streamers have avoided Twitch, so that they can bring it to the notice of the company. Many women have reported sexual assault by the people in the gaming industry.

Though the company has not disclosed as to which user is being banned. But it was observed that BlessRNG streamer, Brad Jolly was missing from the site.

I without thinking straight did abusive things, and I hate that I did.Hold abusers accountable. That includes me“. Quoted as said by him previously, when he was accused of sexual harassment.

The site has also informed that they are working on the technology to pick up those who use offensive languages in messages and username.

The company is looking forward to providing a safer environment for its users. They also thanked those who can forward against the assault.

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