Covid-19: New discovery to fight inflammatory response

Covid-19: New discovery to fight inflammatory response


Researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada, have claimed that the new drug has been discovered that can fight inflammation. It can help in fighting the worst immune response in respiratory diseases like COVID-19.

As per their study, when the two peptides are combined, they work together to perforate a cell’s membrane in order to daunt the inflammatory response.

According to the cell reports in the Journal, the drug is called TAT CARMIL1. It is also said that it has reduced the degradation of the protein, collagen up to 43%. The scientists have reported that the inflammatory response can be reduced by the peptides if used early.

Chris McCullough, explained, as quoted, “The two receptors necessary for it to work supplies an unusual level of specificity. We think the unusual nature of this pathway might restrict its side effects“.

The researchers have explained that these infections can cause an unregulated release of the molecules called cytokines in the body. These cytokines can cause severe damage to the body and can even lead to death.

The researchers further stated that they will be tracking the effectiveness of the peptide in the coming future.

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