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World Trade Organisation’s report OK’s the Farm Laws


The three farm laws introduced by the Indian government have received support of one more reputed entity. This time it is an independent report by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) secretariat, which has praised the government’s effort to reform the agricultural sector of the country. Despite the widespread outrage to the new farm laws WTO has indirectly indicated that the laws are in favor of the agricultural sector.

As per published in Outlook the reports states that, The Indian laws aim to protect and empower farmers, stated the report, in a manner so that they can engage with the various stakeholders, such as agriculture firms, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters “for farm services, at mutually agreed prices, in a transparent manner”. They will thus benefit croppers.

The Indian government’s objective seems to give relief to the farmers, as in present infrastructure a major chunk of the revenue earned from the final consumer for the agricultural produce is grasped by the intermediaries, resulting only a fraction of revenue to the actual producer of the crop.

The report also stated that this is in favour of MSP crops like wheat, rice, cotton and sugar, and away from those such as pulses, coarse grains, and oilseeds.

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