WhatsApp to roll out the updates, neglecting India's heat

WhatsApp to roll out the updates, neglecting India’s heat

In between the ongoing tussle in the Australian continent, the social media giant has cleared that it will roll out the controversial privacy policy update for its WhatsApp users in India as planned. The subsidiary to facebook cleared that they will allow users to read the updates at their own pace and will display a banner providing the additional information.

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Earlier when the mandatory privacy policy update news came to the users, a global outcry erupted resulting the rival apps like Telegram and Signal to acquire a market space among its users. The company has updated its future plans on the issue through its latest blog post.

It will be interesting to witness the outcomes of the firm decisions taken by the social media giant in the near future.

India being the largest user base to the social media groups like facebook and twitter has started responding to the monopolies and the controversial biased approach by having the homegrown solutions like the Kooapp alternate to twitter and the Sandesh App to replace the Whatsapp.

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