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Time to save Ourselves, by saving the environment: Only One Earth


World Environmental Day, the day to protect our earth is celebrated on 5 June every year since 1972. It was started by the UN, but two years later the day started to be celebrated under the slogan of “Only One Earth”.

The main aim of celebrating this day was to create awareness about the environmental issues, that are increasing day by day and to protect it.

It is one of the biggest days for encouraging people to save the environment and to protect it from the challenges we are facing today.

The theme of the World Environment Day 2020 is Celebrate Biodiversity. It plays a very significant role as it nurtures us with food, water, and other resources, that play a vital role for our survival.

There are various factors affecting the environment like air pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, Global warming, climate change, etc. We as a part of nature should look after these factors and work to protect our environment.

It is the time when nature is calling us,

It is the time when we should work for ourselves.

The time has come when we should wake up and start protecting nature.

Its time to work for our survival. This World Environment Day let’s take a step towards our survival, time to nourish nature.

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