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Solar eclipse 2020


With the travel restrictions well in action due to the spread of the pandemic, the affliction of eclipse-chasers can be seen quite resoundingly. After all, they travel anywhere across the globe loaded down with cameras, binoculars, telescopes, and whatnot in order to feed their soul with the beautiful sight of the solar eclipse and the pain cannot get more as there will be only a few who will witness the rare ring of fire annular solar eclipse that will be coming up in Central Africa, the Middle East, and Asia on this weekend.

The phenomenon of the solar corona is when the whiter outer atmosphere of the sun is normally observable only during the brief phase of totality during the total solar eclipse. Though it is not the one that will be happening today, but a rare quirk of the celestial geometry means that the rings of fire is very close to a total solar eclipse.

Those with proper equipment may witness the corona visible for a brief. Even though the view might have been a brief one but they all had been hoping for a peek at the solar corona. Only those 13 countries that are on the centreline will be able to see the ring of fire around the moon.

The timing for some of the major cities of the Indian subcontinent is as follows:

StartMid wayEnd
Mathura10:18 am12:01 pm01:49 pm
Bangalore10:13 am11:48 am01:32 pm
Mumbai10:01 am11:38 am01:28 pm
Delhi10:20 am12:02 pm01:49 pm
Patna10:37 am12:25 pm02:10 pm
Ahmedabad10:03 am11:42 am01:32 pm
Jaipur10:15 am11:56 am01:44 pm
Raipur10:25 am12:11 pm01:59 pm
Hyderabad10:14 am11:44 am01:44 pm
Kolkata10:46 am12:35 pm02:16 pm
Indor10:15 am11:57 am01:47 pm
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