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Govt eyes to blend biogas with natural gas


The government, in order to reduce the reliance on Oil Imports, is looking forward to blending biogas with natural gas. This will lead to an increase in the availability of domestic biofuels. The plan includes mixing petrol with the ethanol extracted from sugarcane and mixing biodiesel extracted from the non- edible oil with the diesel. The production of biofuels will not only reduce the dependence but will also provide a cleaner environment to live in. Between December 1, 2019 and August 3, 2020 the oil marketing companies have obtained 113.09 crore litres of biodiesel, under the ethanol blending programme. The procurement of it has increased from 1.1 crore litres in 2015-16 to 10.6 crore litres in 2019-20.

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