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“Fair & lovely”to drop the word “Fair” from the name.


On Thursday Hindustan Unilever Limited announced that the company has decided to drop the word Fair from Fair & Lovely.

This decision has been taken by the company after the controversy on Coronil’s claim to cure COVID-19.

As on Tuesday, Pantanjali announced that it has found the Ayurvedic cure for the deadly disease COVID -19. But soon the officials were stopped to promote the medicine, as the company was having the permission of developing the medicine for immunity boosting for cough and fever.

Amidst all this, the countrymen attacked fellow citizens questioning Patanjali’s claim by mentioning HUL’s product Fair n Lovely.

It was even said on the social media that, if fair n lovely can run in the market for years without testing, then why questions are being raised on Patanjali.

After all this, HUL has decided to change the name of the product. Though the new name is still to be decided but will be out soon. The company said that it never aimed at color discrimination.

It added that the company will now concentrate on words like glow, skin clarity, etc. The product will be made available for the women according to their skin tone. It even said that the company is committed to celebrating all the skin tones.

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