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Amazon CEO cancels all Juneteenth meetings


On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos the CEO of a giant tech company Amazon has urged the employees of Amazon to learn, reflect, and support each other on Juneteenth.

The CEO motivated the employees to cancel all meetings on Friday to observe Juneteenth, the day which is marked as the end of slavery in history. The day celebrates the liberation of Black people in the US.  June 19 is celebrated as the day on which slavery ended in the year 1865.

He addressed a memo to the employees that instructed them to reflect and support.

The CEO quoted, “Slavery ended a long time ago, but racism didn’t“.

The CEO said that instead of giving the holiday, Amazon will offer employees the opportunities to learn online throughout the day.

In recent days Jeff Bezos has shown immense support for Black Lives Matter campaign. After the city witnessed protests on the death of Black people like George Floyd and Rayshard Brook.

Other companies like Twitter, Square, Nike, and National Football League have declared Juneteenth as a holiday.  Google, on the other hand, has advised its employees to cancel all the meetings and Facebook has facilitated its employees to mark it as a learning day.

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