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A catastrophic spill turns the river red


State emergency has been declared by Russia after the power plant spilled oil and diesel into a river in Arctic Circle. The power plant spilled  20,000 metric tons of oil and diesel fuel. The reason behind the spill can be climate change. It has led to the turning of the river into Red.

When compared with the Exxon Valdez disaster, which released at least 35,000 metric tons of crude oil into Alaskan waters, that happen 30 years ago. This spill is about half as large as that of Exxon Valdez.

Diesel fuel is a more toxic form of pollution whereas the molecules of crude oil are large and take a longer time to circulate in the environment.

On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin declared a national emergency due to the disaster. Though the spill has occurred in a less populated area, its spread is likely to cause ecological damage and risk to public health. The cause of the spill is still unknown. Norilsk Nickel said that the reason behind the spill can be melting permafrost, which is a layer of soil, that remains frozen for the whole year.

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