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‘O’ Blood group are at lower risk from coronavirus


Genetic testing giant ‘23 and me’ suggest that person’s blood type affects how susceptible they are towards coronavirus. Those with blood type O are at least risk.

If we consider the preliminary data from the study, it includes 750,000 participants including 10,000 reported that they had COVID -19.

It indicated that people with blood type O are 9 to 18 % are less likely than the other blood type that tested COVID-19.

According to the research conducted that examined susceptibility, the difference appeared very little among the other blood types.

According to the company, the findings when adjusted, age, body mass index, ethnicity, and other existing disease. The data when narrowed down to only health care workers other responders.

The one’s with blood type A is 50% more likely to need oxygen or require a ventilator, and those with blood type O are at lower risk, as published in a European Study, last week. The DNA sequence variation in the ABO gene, which influences blood type, is associated with a lower risk for COVID -19, this was shown as a result of the Preliminary 23 and Me investigation, that was launched in April.

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