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17 years old spend 16 lakhs on PUBG


In recent times the addiction of children towards the games is increasing day by day. In India, the bent of children towards the game is increased to such an extent that they hardly care to think about the world around them.

Games like PUBG that are trending all over have taken up the minds of young in such a way that neither they sleep nor eat properly. Not only this but they even don’t care to study properly.

Many events related to it had been observed in the past. Many cities in India had tried to ban the game in the past time. The National Child Rights Commission had also recommended banning the game as it is affecting the minds of Children.

Recently an incident has been reported related to the game. A 17-year-old boy in Punjab lost 16 lakhs in the game. The boy was addicted to the game and he spent the amount in making the app purchase.

The minor had access to three bank accounts, which he used to spend the money. Due to his massive addiction, the teenager spends the amount on the game. The minor used to tell his parents that he was using the phone to study but would spend hours playing the PUBG game.

According to the reports, the addiction to the game was to such an extent that he even used to buy upgrades for his teammates. Parents came to know about the incident when they tried to access the bank account.

It has also been reported that the teenager used to make the transactions from the account and after that would erase the message of the transaction from his mother’s phone. According to his father, who is a government employee, he was saving money for his son’s future.

The incident like this shows that the bond of children with online games is becoming stronger as they have access to everything and is leading to most destructive incidents. If these games continue to prevail in the market it may lead to huge loss to parents and can even ruin the future of these children.

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