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Google extends free Covid-19 tests to its employees


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant Google has extended free weekly Covid-19 test facility to its 90,000 employees in the US, which includes its subsidiaries including YouTube. For the process, Google has teamed up with BioIQ and will be paying nearly $50 per test. Adding to this company spokesperson told Verge that the interns are also eligible to sign up for the free at-home test and the programme is set to expand to the international employees in 2021.

Earlier the search engine giant has extended its work from home policy until to all its employees globally September 2021, which was earlier having the limit of May 2021. Along with this as per an email sent by the CEO Sundar Pichai to its staff members, the company is planning to have a fully hybrid workforce model where the employees may rejoin the workplace for three days a week and work from home for the rest of the days once the offices starts running normally.

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