Europe's death toll reaches 2,50,000; amid record Covid-19 cases

Europe’s death toll reaches 2,50,000; amid record Covid-19 cases


With the record number of daily Covid-19 infections being detected, Europe is following the Latin America to surpass the overall death toll of 2,50,000. As per Reuters tally for the first time on Thursday, Europe reported 2,00,000 daily cases as several South European countries reported the highest cases on a single day. Until now nearly 8 million Covid-19 cases has been registered in Europe.

The region accounts for nearly 22% of the global cases and about 19% of the global deaths. The two-third of the deaths registered in the region took place in United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Belgium. England leads the death toll with 45,000 cases followed by the Italy, Spain, France, and Russia. Concerned about the situation British PM Boris Johnson said that, the country cannot rely on vaccine and will focus on other measures too.

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