Covid positive carries antibodies for nearly six months

Covid positive carries antibodies for nearly six months

A recent study in UK has proved that nearly all the individuals who got infected with the Covid-19 carries high level of antibodies for at least six months and are likely to get protected from the reinfection with the coronavirus.

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Chief scientist at UK Biobank, Naomi Allen said, “The vast majority of people retain detectable antibodies for at least six months after infection with the coronavirus”. She added, “Although we cannot be certain how this relates to immunity, the results suggest that people may be protected against subsequent infection for at least six months following natural infection”.

The study done on the participants who were infected by the Covid-19 earlier showed that 99%   of the participants maintained antibodies for nearly three months and 88% retained for the duration of six months.

The UK Biobank study also revealed that the seroprevalence of the UK population has risen up to 8.8% in November/December 2020 from 6.6% in May/June 2020; with London leading with the 12.4% while Scotland at last with the 5.5% mark.

Earlier a study of UK healthcare individuals published last month revealed that the Covid infected people are likely safe for the duration of at least five months from the virus, but are able to spread it through the antibodies.

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