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Black death is suspected to return in China


Amid COVID-19, adding to the list of virus spread in China, the Chinese has reported the emergence of the Bubonic plague which is also known as the black death. As few weeks earlier a pandemic potent flu was identified and now the stress of the black death has gripped the Chinese. Black Death in the middle age was the deadliest disease that lead to the death of many around the world.

Though it is not a very uncommon disease in China, the number of cases of Bubonic plague, reported were negligible in China from 2009 to 2018. But recently the number of suspected cases has increased in China. The cases were reported in Inner Mongolia, out of which two are of pneumonic plague and one was of the deadlier variant. It is one of the highly infectious and deadly disease.

On Sunday, the warning was given by the authorities about the spread of the disease. The health committee has announced the third-level alert, the second-lowest in a four-level system. The alert prohibits the hunting and killing of the rodents that carries the deadly disease. The committee has also asked the public to report the cases of fever or uncertain sickness to the hospital.

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