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Auckland to go through seven day lockdown

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In an effort to eliminate the possible spread of the highly infectious UK variant of the Covid-19 the New Zealand’s Prime Minister has called for a seven day lockdown in the city of Auckland. The level third lockdown will be effective from the early morning on Sunday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has took the decision after the identification of a new case of the coronavirus in the region. Earlier two weeks before, the area was under a three day lockdown after the confirmation of the UK variant infection to the family of three in the area.

As per health officials the patient is likely to be potentially infectious since Sunday as he developed the symptoms on Tuesday. The officials are carrying genome sequencing to get to the further details of the case.

The level 3 restrictions will only allow the citizens to have access for essential shopping and essential work, while the public places will be closed. Rest of the country will be going through the level 2 restriction with limits on public gatherings.

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