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Activision delayed the launch of Call of Duty


Activision the developer of Call of Duty has delayed the launch of the game. The Infinity Ward is responding to the Black Lives Matter protest.

They have vowed to crack down harder on racism in its military shooters. It has been trying to work on a number of bans to deal with habitual offenders. The company is taking more efforts to rectify and spot the racist materials.

Moreover, the company is trying to add more content filters and fix limits on the name change. It is also trying to assess the changes, that will help the one to report offenders.

The firm said that it had been boosting its anti-racist since the launching of Modern Warfare. The company apologized for the delay and said it had been trying to do a better job, which had not been doing enough.

 The developers say that there is no racist content in their game. The company said that they truly support the people and are along their side.


The developers of Call of Duty have not declared as to when they will officially launch the game. But have confirmed the delay of the game and have added that they are working on things and seeing if the game contains any racist material.

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