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Remembering Dr. C V Raman on National science day

Dr. C V Raman was a great personality who contributed in Science and innovation throughout his life. His research work paved the way for humanity and inspired the fellow Indians.

Born on 7th November, 1888 in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, his father’s name was Chandrashekhar Ramanathan Iyer and mother’s name was Parvathi Ammal. His father was a lecturer of Mathematics and Physics in a college at Vishakhapatnam.

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On his birth anniversary, here are some interesting facts about on his life;

  1. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was a very intelligent student since his Childhood. His intellect was such that he got that he passed his matriculation at the age of 11 and his intermediate at the age of 13 through a scholarship.
  2. He completed his graduation and post graduation from the same Presidency College and he did so well in his studies that he broke all the previous records established by the toppers.
  3. He was married to Lokasundari Ammal and had two children Chandrasekhar and Radhakrishnan.
  4. He gave the Financial Civil Services examination because his father wanted him to do that and he topped the exam. He started working as Assistant Accountant General in 1907 at Kolkata. In his free time, he uses to go to the Laboratory of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS) for doing his research. His Interest was always in science so he continued it while doing his job and published his research work in the International Journals like, ‘Nature’, ‘Physics Review’ etc. After that in 1917, he got an opportunity to join the University as the Professor of Physics.
  5. CV Raman founded Raman Research Institute in Bangalore, in 1948.
  6. His most famous Raman Effect “modified scattering” theory was discovered in February 28 1928, he and his friend Krishnan discovered this. While going in his Europe trip, seeing the Mediterranean Sea made him keen to identify the reason behind the blue colour of sea and he worked on to find out the scattering of light. This discovery made him won the most Prestigious award Nobel Prize in Physics in 1913, he was the first Asian and brown to receive this award.
  7. In 1930, he was awarded with Hughes Medal of Royal Society, Franklin medal in 1941 by the Franklin Institute, India’s most Prestigious award Bharat Ratna in 1954 and many others.
  8. Marking his birth anniversary, on 28th February India celebrates National Science Day to remember his great achievements and the discoveries.

Dr. C.V. Raman was one of the great scientists of our country. His hard work and dedication towards his work helped him achieve all the success and made India proud.

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