Bill Gates 65th Birthday: a brief journey and interesting facts

Bill Gates 65th Birthday: a brief journey and interesting facts

Co Founder of Microsoft Corporation, Software developer and an American Business man William Henry Gates (Bill Gates) was born on 28 October 1955. He is one of the renowned business persons, entrepreneurs and the first person who started microcomputer revolution of 1970s and 1980s.

Bill Gates who turns 65 today was born and brought up in Seattle, Washington. Bill and Paul Allen, his childhood friend cofounded Microsoft in 1975, in Albuquerue, New Mexico which later on became world’s largest personal computer software company. Bill gates served as the CEO of company until January 2000, after that he remained chairman and the chief architect of the software development.

Bill Gates

In June 2006, bill gates announced to work part time at the Microsoft and transferred his duties to Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie. After that, he started working full time at the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, which was established by Bill gates and his wife in 2000.

Being one of the richest man in the world, the question that how much does bill gates have money? has always been a matter of enquiry among the youths across the world. He has been included in the Forbes list for the Wealthiest People and was on the top of the list from 1995 to 2017. Later on, the Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, replaced his top position. Bill Gates net worth in August 2020 was estimated to be worth US$113.7 Billion, which made him second wealthiest person after Jeff Bezos.

Bill left the position of Chairman of Microsoft in 2014 and started assisting the newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella as a technology adviser. In March 2020, bill gates left his board position at Microsoft to give his time for the philanthropic work, which includes climate change, global health, education and social development.

Now let us look at some of the interesting facts related to the life of Bill Gates:

  • Bill Gates wrote his very first software program when he was 13 years old.
  • His reading appetite is such that once he spent nearly $30.8 million to get the collection written by Leonardo da Vinci, named Codex Leicester.
  • He was awarded the honorary degree in 2007.
  • Bill gates is not only an excellent reader but has also authored several books, the latest one was published in May, 2020 titled “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need”.
  • Bill Gates has so much of money that it will take him 245 years to spend them all.
  • Bill Gates became billionaire at the age of 31.
  • Bill Gates bought his first luxury car after founding Microsoft which was Porsche 911super car, later he sold it in an auctioned for $80,000. He also has Porsche 959 in his car collection.
  • As per reports Bill and Melinda gates Foundation is currently the world’s largest private charity organization.
  • Bill Gates was also criticized for his business work tactics, which have been considered anti-competitive.
  • In November 2017, Gates invested $50 million for the Alzheimer’s disease research.
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