Biased PETA India has led countrymen doubt it’s intentions

Biased PETA India has led countrymen doubt it’s intentions

The Mumbai based organisation, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals) India was founded in the year 2000 and works on the basic concepts and idea that animals are not human’s slave on which they can perform experiments, or use them for eating, wearing or amusement or leisure purposes. This organisation also prevents animals from any type of abuse or exploitation. Also, it encourages the perception of the rights of animals to humans that the animals should be treated with entire respect. 

The prime focal point of PETA India is basically on the sectors which occupy the highest number of animals which tolerate violence like the food industry, amusement and pleasure business like circuses, testing laboratories etc. People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) is the most extensive organisation in the entire world which fights for the rights of animals. It has over six million active members and followers. 

Besides working for a very good cause, in recent years there have been a lot of accusations against PETA, the main reason being its discriminatory target on the heritage, tradition and conventions of Hindus, while on the other hand; it provides a free ticket to the other cults. The hypocrisy of PETA therefore makes it more entertaining and comical rather than making it concerned towards the cruelty toward animals. 

In a recent tweet by PETA, on the spiritual and one of the most famous festivals of Hindus, Janmashtmi which celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna, PETA India pleaded people to make use of pure vegetarian ghee instead of utilizing the pure ghee which is produced from the milk of cow. They did this because according to PETA India, during the process of taking out milk from cows they are abused and injured. Whereas, on the other side PETA India never said a word against the practices being followed on festivals by the other communities, which involves killing or butchering of animals on a very big scale that too both legally and illegally.

Therefore, these claims by PETA India on Hindus but not on other groups became biased as this claim turns out to be a question and blame on the very old prevailing practise of dairy farming and milk production. The most hypocritical thing is that taking out milk from a cow is harmful and painful according to PETA India but the killing of animals is not. 

Not only this, but there are also many other different instances which brings out the biased approach of PETA India. One of the most famous instances is of December 2017, when Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the fitness icon was honoured with a “Hero to Animals” award by PETA India and within just a week of receiving the title she was recognised on Youtube video where she was seen making a recipe of Roast Turkey. This became a very important question that how a person who is preparing food of animals flesh can be awarded the honour of Hero to Animals? Was it just a popularity stunt?

The other important sign of being hypocrite came from PETA India when they keep on supporting and approving Sonam Kapoor as their person of the year and the animal-loving celebrity. But the same actress who is honoured as the animal lover by PETA India is seen promoting and advertising bags which are entirely made from the skin of snakes. This is the level of biased approach PETA India shows. 

One such hypocrite incident was with actress Richa chadha.

These different accusations against PETA India and the biased approach of PETA India have lead people doubt on the intentions of this organisation and also led them to think on the fact if PETA actually works for animal welfare or it is just concerned for its social media presence.  

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