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Astrology; a science to be understood


Astrology has influenced several countries besides India. The population has recognised its importance and implications with the passing time. Astrology, being a branch of science in itself has been continuously providing the data for all the influencing planetary motions in our solar system such as the timing of sunrise and sunset, the location of the planets referencing the zodiac signs, the timing about the eclipses and several other key data affecting us directly or indirectly.

Having its traces from the Vedic era, Astrological studies have been helping the mankind to be alert about the possibilities of the near future along with the influences in the present and the past instances. It generally deals with the influence of the cosmic energy on the earth and its life forms. One such observable example around us is the influence of the Sun and the Moon in our day to day life. The life energy on our earth is produced by the influence of the Sun. It also affects all the planets revolving around, and illuminates them by its light. Trees and the plants also make their food in the presence of the sunlight. Whereas the influence of the moon is such that it causes tidal ebb in the sea, and full storms during the full moon and the new moon days as it attracts the water.

In case of human beings, the Moon affects our mind, mental state and thoughts as 70% of our body is made up of water and also a big proportion of our brain constitutes water. Similarly the other celestial bodies are also said to have their own unique influence at each and every life forms on the earth. Having their studies in several aspects now modern scientists also believe that there is definitely something which requires deeper research to understand the influence of the celestial bodies on the earth.

The life we ​​are living is only a part of this entire universe. Just as our body is made up of many cells and all cells have their own separate importance, similarly all the constituents and the celestial events of this universe are related to each other. One such example is the horoscope, as our body is made up of the five elements i.e soil, water, fire, sky and air. It is said that the horoscope made is the probable reflection of our life. It means, basically the horoscope is associated with these 5 elements.

As the modern technology and studies going around the world is digging the new grounds, the astrological concepts prevailed in the Indian culture are regaining their much deserved respect and recognition around the world. The only need is to have a positive and insightful approach to understand the scriptures written by our sages, whose sole purpose was to enhance the understanding of the humans so that they could achieve the maximum during their lifespan.

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