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Early Morning Earthquakes in Asian region


Tuesday morning brought mild earthquakes in the Asian region. The first instance was reported in Arunachal Pradesh, India followed by Singapore then Indonesia and then again in India. The magnitude of Arunachal Pradesh earthquake was 3.4 on the scale while in Singapore the magnitude was 6.3.

The Indonesian earthquake was an undersea earthquake and was near the off coast of Java. The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency reported that the magnitude was of 6.1 and was unlikely to cause Tsunami. Along with this The U.S geological survey added that its depth was about 528 kms, and its magnitude was 6.6 at 93.8 kms north of Batang.

While the second earthquake in India was reported near Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh as said by the India’s National Center for Seismology, it was having the magnitude of 5.0. Its epicentre was reported at 59 km north-northeast (NNE) of Lucknow. The earthquake struck at 9:55 am IST, 5 km underneath the surface.

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